Maximize Your Image, Dress to Look Your Best

Realize the Power of that All Important

First Impression

The way you present yourself at work, whether in dressing professionally or handling a business situation effectively, sends management, clients and colleagues a powerful message. Your professional image is one of the most important statements you will make in where you want to go within the organization. It can help you gain the respect of colleagues and establish trust and credibility with clients. With this in mind, the following key factors in Business Dress have not changed over the years. It is our sincere belief that:

  • If You Want the Job, Look the Part!
  • If you Want Respect, Dress at or Above Your Industry's Standard!
  • If You Want the Promotion, Look Promotable!

The Polished Professional

  • Building a Professional Wardrobe
  • Dressing to Flatter Your Figure
  • Learning to Accessorize Effectively
  • The Importance of Color
  • Learn to Shop Smart
  • Pulling it All Together

We Specialize In:

  • Presenting a Polished Professional Image
  • Planning and Building a Basic Working Wardrobe
  • Choosing the Best Accessories
  • Knowing When and Where to Shop
  • Achieving the Most Complimentary Wardrobe and Make-up Colors
  • In-Home Closet Audit
  • Personal Shopping Service
  • Understanding Business Casual

If you have a "closet full of clothes" and feel you have nothing to wear, do not feel alone, statistics tell us that most people wear 20% of what is in their closets, 80% of the time...

  • Are you rarely satisfied with how you look and what you are wearing?
  • Does dressing seem like a chore?
  • Do you sometimes "shop 'til you drop", but make purchases that don’t work?
  • Are you tired of not looking your BEST?
  • Would you like the help of a stylist?

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, we will help you learn how to clean out and update your closet and find your signature style!